Financial Inclusion

There is a growing body of research demonstrating stronger outcomes across program disciplines (e.g., workforce development, supportive housing services) when they include access to financial education, financial products and social support. Government agencies are seeking ways to embed financial services into a variety of city programs, including establishing stand alone Offices of Financial Empowerment, to achieve better and sustained success in improving the lives of their residents.


In March 2016, we convened over 100 stakeholders to discuss the state of financial security for Baltimore families. Over the course of the year, the Financial Inclusion Work Group developed a diverse set of financial inclusion recommendations that promote long-term financial security for Baltimore’s families.

The primary recommendation is the establishment of dedicated leadership within City government, such as the creation of an Office of Financial Empowerment, to provide the coordination, accountability and ongoing monitoring of these strategies across multiple City agencies, nonprofit, philanthropic, and financial partners. CASH has a continuing role in convening stakeholders and participating in projects that lead toward the implementation of these recommendations.


  • To learn more about the most recent data about financial stability in Baltimore, read the Family Assets Count Report
  • To read the recommendations from community stakeholders follow this link.

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