Benefits Screening

Have trouble getting by each month? You may quality to receive local, state or federal benefits. 

The CASH Campaign of Maryland has case managers that can help determine eligibility for public benefit programs using EarnBenefits Online. EarnBenefits Online (or “EBO”) is a web-based tool that is used to help clients more easily apply for a variety of benefit programs. EBO shortens and simplifies the application process by providing a one-stop portal for 20+ different benefit programs, as well as case management tools. Your EarnBenefits Screening is a 100% free service and you can learn more about the program , click here EarnBenefits Online – Seedco.

CASH Campaign makes the process easy. Just follow these steps:

Complete the Intake Form (10 minutes)

You need to complete an intake form and respond to a number of questions about your finances, employment, household, expenses, and more. The information you share on this form is confidential and secure.

Determination of Eligibility & Follow- Up Phone Call (happens within 2-3 business days)

A CASH Campaign case manager will review your intake form and determine your eligibility. Eligibility for various benefits will be determined based on the information you’ve provided, referenced against the eligibility requirements of each benefit.  A case manager will arrange a phone call with you to gather any additional information needed to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re eligible for.

Application & Referrals (varies on amount of benefits you’re applying for)

Based on which benefits you are interested in applying for, an EarnBenefits Case Manager will assist with applications. Applications may need to be mailed or submitted online. Applications submitted online (such as SNAP/Food Stamps) require immediate access to your email mailbox (you must have remote access or provide case manager with your account login information so they may access it for you).

Follow-ups (5 minutes)

Your EarnBenefits Case Manager will conduct a follow-up to ascertain progress and status of benefits applications usually within 1 month of your screening. You may contact your Case Manager with updates to your status, as well.

Thank you for working with us!

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