Common Cents Conference

About the Conference

The Common Cents Conference was held virtually on September 19 & 20, 2023. Over 100 practitioners from around the region  gathered virtually for interactive sessions focusing on the challenges and opportunities in our field at this time. To learn about past events please see below.

The Common Cents Conference (CCC) has grown to be one of the region’s best learning opportunities for a broad set of practitioners who care about helping individuals and families earn, keep, and save their money. This virtual conference included content on the Racial Wealth Gap, Free Tax Preparation program, FinTech products, Mental Health and more.

The Common Cents Conference was hosted by CASH Campaign of Maryland, Community Tax Aid, and Virginia Community Action Partnership. These nonprofits conduct critical outreach to ensure that low-income families receive all tax credits including Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Economic Impact Payments, provide free or low-cost tax preparation, and connect families to appropriate financial services and education.

Past Conferences

Recorded Sessions at 2021 Common Cents Conference

Welcome Plenary:
An interactive session, presented by Shemille Brown, MSW, MS Adult Ed, PMP, that explores designing and delivering services with a human-centered mindset. Shemille is an Operating Effectiveness Agile Change Leader and will lead participants in activities to explore the changes that were made, and that need to be made, to provide effective programs during the pandemic and afterwards.

VITA Models Part 1 & 2:
In this session different in-person and virtual VITA program models will be discussed. You will learn how to incorporate new models into your VITA program. Access Passcode: zV0$h.Z@

Financial Technology – Leveraging technology in financial counseling: Not recorded
Consumer Action’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Audrey Perrott discusses on how to incorporate financial health measurement tools and leverage technology to help consumers improve their financial health.

Legislative Updates and Advocacy:
Prosperity Now colleagues, Joanna Ain and Vanna Cure, co-present on Legislative and Advocacy Updates that impact our work helping all families earn, keep and save their money to achieve their financial dreams. Passcode: m03+std2 

Racial Wealth Gap Plenary: Not recorded
Chris Wodicka, from The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, presents about the racial wealth gap. What is the history behind it and how has it changed over the years? Do we have an opportunity to help narrow the gap in our work with VITA and financial empowerment?

Mental Health and Finances:
Jevon Billups with the Mental Health First Aid Maryland walks us through helping people who have experienced mental health concerns/crises as a result of financial stress experienced from COVID 19. Passcode: R.e%T@3A 

VITA Volunteers:
In this session, we discuss on recruiting and managing volunteers with a special focus on college and university partnerships.

Collective Self Care:
Radical self-care means getting to the root of our experiences and intentionally living to support our overall well-being. It is also required in order to build better relationships with others. Ashley Williams, Yoga Therapist and Founder of Mindful On Life and BareSoul Yoga, explores why inner work is beneficial to conference attendees–and how we can begin to use our awareness and self-identity to pursue our collective resilience.

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