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Financial Education and Capability Awards

The Financial Education and Capability Awards Program highlights the dedication and success of public school teachers, community champions and outstanding organizations who deliver financial education. Financial education focuses on a range of financial management concepts and behaviors including budgeting, careers and income, credit, savings, financial decision-making, and understanding values and habits about money.

The awards are coordinated by CASH, the Maryland Council on Economic Education, and the Maryland State Department of Education. We thank The Woodside Foundation and the Maryland Society of Accountants and Tax Professionals for their generous support of the awards.

2021 Financial Education and Capability Awards

Please stay tuned for our upcoming announcement of the winners and our virtual awards ceremony.

2020 Financial Education and Capability Award Winners

  • Elementary School Teacher Award: Florence Falatko, Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet School (Baltimore County) – For being a leader in financial education in elementary schools and infusing it not only in schools but in training other teachers in the field of financial education.
  • Middle School Teacher Award: Charles Emerson, Vanguard Collegiate Middle School (Baltimore City) – For tirelessly supporting his school’s large refugee population, many of whom have recently arrived in this country and all of whom struggle not only with math but also with basic financial literacy.
  • High School Teacher Award: Austin Hill, Edgewood High School (Harford County) For advocating financial education by incorporating local resources to further the learning experiences for his students, connecting not only students within his class but all classes within the department to local credit unions or providing them with financial literacy events and lessons.
  • Community Champion: Ambus Hunter, CASH Volunteer (Parkville, Baltimore County)For providing over 100 hours as a volunteer Financial Educator, his dedication to helping others increase their financial well-being by becoming an accredited financial counselor AFC® with AFCPE, & promoting financial education/counseling across the state.
  • Outstanding Organization: Bank On Gaithersburg (Montgomery County) – For creating a diverse coalition of professionals that provides access to low-cost bank accounts, budgeting help, financial and credit education and counseling, vocational coaching, summer youth employment, and housing counseling to the community.
  • NEW! Woodside Award: Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (Statewide) For their successful advocacy efforts in Annapolis and beyond that have resulted in numerous changes to policies, products and practices to protect low-to-moderate income Marylanders from predatory practices that affect their finances.

Financial Education and Capability Awards — Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: Rick Lippenholz

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