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Bank On Maryland

CASH launched Bank On Maryland to expand access to safe financial products and ensure that more financial institutions in Maryland offer accounts that meet the  Bank On National Account Standards. Across the country, at least three million people have opened bank accounts certified as meeting these standards. Through Bank On Maryland, CASH will work to reduce the number of un/under banked individuals and families in Maryland. CASH joins a national network of over 20 jurisdictions leading Bank On coalitions and is among the first statewide coalitions. Visit the new Bank On Maryland website!

  1. With funding from the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund), CASH will:
  2. Form and lead a statewide coalition to work with financial institutions to modify or add accounts that meet the National Account Standards.
  3. Lead a statewide marketing and outreach effort to increase connections to safe accounts.
  4. Work with state and municipal systems to integrate access to safe financial accounts.

To learn more, please refer to for information about the national Bank On movement.  

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Contact to learn more about our Bank On Maryland efforts.

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