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Postsecondary Financial Education in Maryland

Campus-Based Financial Education in Maryland: A Survey of Postsecondary Institutions (SPIN) was commissioned by The Woodside Foundation, written by Tisa Silver Canady, EdD, MBA and published in partnership with the CASH Campaign of Maryland.

Work on the study began in 2018 with a twofold goal to:

  1. identify financial education offerings provided by postsecondary institutions in Maryland and
  2. gauge institutional interest in collaborative opportunities to provide financial education to postsecondary students in Maryland.

In addition to highlights from a national scan for robust postsecondary financial education programs, the full report provides detailed results of a statewide web scan, an online survey and feedback from individuals representing twelve public four-year institutions, thirteen community colleges and four private institutions within Maryland.

To download the full report, CLICK HERE

In January 2020, the scope of work was expanded to focus on two of the recommendations included in the report:

  • Establish a statewide network of postsecondary financial education professionals and
  • Document and disseminate the most robust student financial education programs in the state

The SPIN project revealed a gap in the delivery of financial education to postsecondary students and an overwhelming interest from campus administrators to collaborate and/or coordinate on future student financial education programming in Maryland. To meet this need, Dr. Silver Canady decided to create the Maryland Center for Collegiate Financial Wellness (MCCFW). After being incubated by CASH, the Center launched in July 2021 with a national virtual Symposium that addressed opportunities to incorporate student financial wellness on campuses as an essential ingredient for student success as they plan for and pursue their postsecondary education. To visit MCCFW’s website and learn more about Dr. Silver Canady and the Center’s mission, CLICK HERE

MCCFW’s annual virtual Symposium each July is the signature event for Maryland’s campus-based professionals and community partners to convene for learning, sharing, and growing collegiate financial wellness initiatives as a part of larger efforts to increase student success.